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Wireless Charger for Model S and Model X
Wireless Charger for Model S and Model X
Wireless Charger for Model S and Model X

Wireless Charger

Tesla Model S and Model X


works with 1st and 2nd gen  consoles

Wireless Charging

Work with any phone or Qi enabled device

Vertical position for easy access

Store Airpods or earbuds

Organized Space

The storage bin option is a great way to organize your things. A 12.5cm x 11cm storage tray keeps your belongings within easy reach, and also provides a secure storage solution for your J1772 charging adapter.  

A Perfect Fit

The Skyline Model 3/Y Console Insert was precision engineered using a 3D scan of the center console. This level of detail ensures a perfect fit to your car The J1772 charging adapter was designed to fit snugly into the insert and will stay in place during even the most spirited of driving sessions.  

Extra Large Cup Holder

Make the most of your center console space with an extra cup holder. By placing a cup holder low down on the console floor, you can keep those tall thermoses, blender bottles and other large beverages out of the way of your arm rest. Also includes secure storage solution for your J1772 charging adapter.   

Premium Sticky Mat or Standard Felt options

These options only apply to storage bin insert style. Ensure your items don't go flying and are held firmly in place. The sticky pad will grip practically all item surfaces like keys, cards, Air-pod cases or even camera lenses without leaving any residue. As the pad collects dust it's adhesion may decrease so we've even made it removable to rinse with water and make it perform like new anytime! Standard felt mats do not have any adhesion. Both styles isolate noise from stored items.


Designed for and by the
Tesla community

Early in the design process, Skyline worked with Tesla car clubs, enthusiasts and our existing customer base all known as BETA testers. Mock samples were tested to generate feedback for improvements in designing the perfect accessory for your Tesla. Product reviews from BETA testers are labeled and can be found in the product review section below.

Interested in participating as a BETA tester for our next products? Send us an email

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