We Designed A Better Tesla Model 3 Dock. Here's How & Why.

We have had our Tesla Model 3 for most of the year now, and overall we are loving the car! So far we have noticed a few areas that could use some improvement, and we have been hard at work developing solutions for the other Tesla owners out there.

Silver Tesla Model 3 at Supercharger

We love that Tesla included the dual phone charging dock in the center console for Model 3's with the Premium Upgrade interior. However, one of the first things we noticed when getting our Model 3 was that most phones do not fit in the dock when you have a case on!

Like most people, we keep a case on our phones, and we certainly did not want to remove it every time we want to use the charger. This was also true for the Model S/X phone dock, which is why we created the Skyline Case-Friendly Docks last year for Model S/X cars - and feedback from the community has been great!

We have developed a dock adapter for the Model 3 phone charger that works with cases, so you can get the most of your premium center console! This dock adapter replaces trim cover and the original dock, and requires no tools or modifications. It provides much more space for thicker phone cases.

Our Model 3 Dock is CNC machined from a solid block of ABS material making the part virtually unbreakable, with a precision fitment and stunning finish that looks like a factory part in the Model 3 interior.

Skyline Tesla Model 3 Dock Charging Phone


Color matched face plate to blend with OEM Model 3 console!
• Precision machined ABS and silk print finish
• Unlike factory dock this fits phones with small and large cases
• Even fits Apple AirPods!
• Designed for Tesla Model 3 with the Premium Upgrades Package
• Installs in seconds as OEM replacement


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Check out the video to see it in action!


And here is a video showing the simple installation and quality finish-


The Premium Model 3 Dock is for available on our store

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